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Bullion is practical, tradeable, verifiable. Priced at market value plus a percentage of the costs for getting the metal in its analyzed and sellable form, it is easy to liquidate because also comes in smaller sizes.  The interest in bullion ranges from having tangible savings all the way to long term investment goals and more. 


We base our Bullion prices on the current Gold & Silver Market at any time.  We have a variety of bullion in the shop at any one time.


- 1 ozt.

-1/2 ozt.

-1/4 ozt.

-1/10 ozt.

1/20 ozt.




- 1 ozt.

- 5 ozt.

- 10 ozt.

- 100 ozt.

- Oddweight

- 90% coin

- 40% coin

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